Abdelhamid Sabiri, born on 28 November 1996 in Goulmima Hay Al Jadid, Morocco, is a German-Moroccan footballer. He has international experience from playing in various countries, including Italy, England, Germany, Saudi Arabia and Morocco, where he is also an official international player.

Abdelhamid Sabiri is also the founder and CEO of JADïD11.
He has put together a team of experienced professionals who are actively supporting him in the realisation of his project.
The close-knit team under the leadership of Abdelhamid Sabiri pursues the vision of JadÏd11 to create high-quality beauty products and at the same time set innovative standards in the industry.
Within a year, and 9 years of vision, Abdelhamid Sabiri and his team have designed a strategy and put everything into practice with efficiency.