Creativity that inspires

Jadid 11 is a modern fragrance brand guided by a team of designers. Our scents captivate through a distinctive fusion of tangible and intangible artistic elements, evoking emotions and connections that empower individuals to take action and foster creativity.


What sparks inspiration? It arises from chance meetings, meaningful conversations, shared discoveries, unexplored knowledge, captivating visuals, and elusive scents that tantalize but remain just out of reach.

Every scent is a intricate olfactory blend, characterized by its capricious, unconventional, and occasionally dramatic nature, consistently reflecting the physical and emotional realms of our existence. Their ethereal quality ensures a subjective experience, with each nose interpreting them uniquely. Unwrap and immerse yourself in their essence.


Our fragrances are intricately tied to visual aesthetics. Every image you encounter and every detail you feel is animated through the harmonious collaboration of design and perfumery arts within a shared concept.We appreciate the beauty found in imperfections—whether in unrefined edges, untouched landscapes, revealed structures, or the technical intricacies hidden behind the scenes. It is in this raw, unfiltered, and artistic form that we find inspiration.


We produce our perfumes in limited quantities, using rare and luxurious ingredients that contribute to their distinctive aromas. All our fragrances adhere to the stringent global standards.

The meticulous craftsmanship involved in Jadid 11 perfume necessitates an intensive level of manual work, resulting in a genuinely limited production capacity.